Centro per la Formazione alla Solidarietà Internazionale

The CFSI – Training Centre for International Cooperation is an organisation dedicated to improving the knowledge and abilities of the individuals involved in international co-operation. The Centre offers training services, as well as creating networks and awareness designed to supply adequate tools to engage in international solidarity activities, while at the same time strengthening awareness and collaboration among individuals. The services offered by the Centre are open to all those who are active in community co-operation or interested in participating. The offer is particularly aimed at, but not limited to, the organised expressions of society such as Local Bodies, associations and Non-Government Organisations.

Guida alla formazione 2014

TCIC – Training Centre for International Cooperation
Vicolo San Marco, 1
38122 Trento

Phone +39 0461 26 36 36
Fax +39 0461 261395
e-mail info@tcic.eu

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